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The origins of Chinese New Year

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Spring Festival was commonly known as Chinese New Year in Lunar, which generally refers to New Year's Eve or the first day. But in folk, traditional Spring Festival is December 8  or  December 23 or 24 in lunar.

There was a ancient animal was called the "year" beast in Chinese. "Year" had two long antennaes,and unusually was ferocious. it often went to village to eat livestock and human . Therefore,on every New Year's Eve day, the village young people went to the mountains to escape damage. in a New Year's Eve , A older man from outside saw
the village in a panic rush,A kind old woman  urged him to went the mountain to escape.however, the old man lifted up the beard and chuckle: "If you let me stay at home mother night, I have ways to let'years' be away. "  people laugh without say anything and went away.

In Middle of the night, "year" broke into the village. It found that the village atmosphere different from previous found the lady's house and the door pasted red paper, candles were lit brightly inside the house. "Year" flicked, with shrieking loudly. when it is nesr the house ,suddenly heard "crackling" sound of bombing, "year" wad trembling, and then dare not move forward . then it saw fire with exploding. At this time,  the old man opened the door wearing red cloth with laughter. "Year" was so scared that fade way. next day, the village came back, people are very surprised to find the old man was still alive. At this time, the old man came out from house and described the whole things to the villagers. which soon br spread around the village, people are aware of the expulsion approach.

Since every New Year's Eve, families paste red couplets,fire  firecrackers and lit candles brightly. Start this morning,everyone go outside tosay hello to congratulate  Friends . This custom spread widely and became the most solemn of traditional among Chinese folk festival.

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